Visualise Your UNSPSC Spend Data

The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) are used by governments and corporations around the globe to classify how they are spending money.

The structure contains over 50,000 entries by using an eight digit code such as 80101010 which represents a four level hierarchy.

The issue arises when trying to review this data. Some spend is allocated against the lowest level product or services and other spend is allocated against the another level in the category. It can take significant massaging of the data to sum up the data into the various levels and then to graph them.

This tool, allows those with spend classified against UNSPSC codes to simply copy in the raw UNSPSC code and the spend amount against it (at any level) and the tool will graph it and make it searchable with the corresponding code description.

Developed by Simon Thompson with assistance from resources online provided by people listed below.

Special Thanks:
Special thanks goes to Mike Bostock and Phoebe Bright and Kerry Rodden for the worked examples and instructions made available online..

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