Lunch and Learn – 22 February: Introduction to Should-Cost Analysis

The team at Acquire believe that Should-Cost Models are one of the most underutilised tools in getting the most from your supply arrangements. Whether it be used as a tool for negotiating a new service arrangement with a supplier, or as a way to validate that the price your organisation is paying for an existing arrangement is fair, having the skills and know how to develop a Should-Cost Model is extremely important where capacity and capability is often sourced from suppliers.

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Travelling to the Source of the World’s Top Negotiators

Acquire at the Harvard Negotiation and Leadership Program

The Harvard Negotiation and Leadership Program

The team at Acquire Procurement Services attended the Harvard Law School Negotiation and Leadership Program in Boston, Massachusetts last month. Run by a consortium based in Harvard University, the programme was designed to accelerate participant’s negotiation and leadership capabilities. It examined core decision-making challenges, analysed complex negotiation scenarios, and provided a range of competitive and cooperative negotiation strategies to be used in both private and public negotiation environments. Read more