Supplier Name Cleaning Tool

Got a bunch of supplier or company names that you have to clean for reporting or analysis purposes?

Well this little supplier name cleaning tool does a lot of the magic for you – In seconds!

It even fixes spelling mistakes!

Input & Quick Results
Fine Tuning
Further Information & Acknowledgements
Input & Quick Results


Introduction & How to Use:

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Fine Tuning

1st Pass: Remove & Replace

Remove and replace words and characters

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Words to remove:
Words to replace:
Remove text after:
Charters to remove:
Charters to replace:

2nd Pass: Trim Company Name

Trim the company name down to the fewest words that are most common. e.g. “Company Name” and “Company Name (Aust)” both return “Company Name”.

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Set Minimum word trim:

3rd Pass: Fix spelling errors

Attempt to fix spelling errors by comparing the difference between neighbouring records. This uses the Levenshtein Distance method.

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Set Levenshtein Distance:
Further Information & Acknowledgements

Further Information

This tool was created whilst working on a project with more than 30,000 suppliers and we hope it is of use to other as it has been for us.

Your comments and questions are welcomed. Please direct them to Simon Thompson.


Special thanks to Eric Kurzhals for this work creating the Levenshtein Distance Calculator.

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