Where does $2.8B in Qld Gov. Contracts Go?

Note: This visualisation is best viewed on large screen.

Under the Queensland Government’s open data policy, all contracts awarded over $10,000 are made available to the public. Below is an interactive chart that illustrates the relationship between government departments, agencies and their suppliers. It is also possible to filter the data based on how the contract was tendered (i.e. the procurement method).

Queensland Government Awarded Contracts > $10k

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Filter by Procurement Method:
All $2,816M
Open Tender $1,056M
Limited $962M
Unknown $690M
Sole Supplier $104M
Existing Agreement $2M

Procurement Method: All

source: https://data.qld.gov.au/dataset/queensland-government-contracts-directory-awarded-contracts
Dataset last updated: 24/11/2014

Spend Analysis & Visualisation

The team at Acquire Procurement Services specialise in crunching and visualising spend data for large organisations. Often information in the data is dirty and requires significant cleaning before it can be used. In this example, suppliers had numerous names used by the various government agencies.

Unfortunately, clean data can sometimes be as useless as the original dirty data if the data can not be visualised in a meaningful way. Our team focus on using some new techniques to provide some alternative data visualisations that are both interactive and informative.

Want to know more?

If you wish to visualise or clean your organisation’s spend data or wish to know more about Acquire Procurement Services, please contact Simon Thompson on +61 433 847 909.

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