Quick Guide to Acquire’s Sankey Diagram Generator

Here is a quick guide to Acquire’s Sankey Diagram Generator to help you get started.


1. Inputting Data (‘Load’ Button) 

2. Saving your Diagram (‘Save’ Button) 

3. Formatting and Customising your Sankey Diagram

4. Improvement Suggestions

1. Inputting Data (‘Load’ Button)

The generator accepts data in three forms:

(1) Coding (JSON)

For those of us with limited coding experience, this will be more useful for when you have already created a diagram through methods (2) or (3) below. Once you have made any formatting adjustments, you can click ‘Save’  to copy and paste the code of your customised diagram to file. When you need to generate the diagram again, just copy and paste your code back here and generate.

(2) CSV

Format your data as follows:


Total Spend, Labour, 100

Total Spend, Materials, 20

Material, Raw, 30

and so on ….


  • Ensure all commas are in place
  • You must have the headings ‘source,target,value’ as the first line of your data and make sure that it is all in lower case 

(3) Pivot Table

In your Excel pivot table copy the section of data indicated by red box in the example below and take out ‘Row Label’. Then paste into the data input box.

Capture Pivot Table

The above pivot table, for example, will generate the following Sankey diagram

Sankey Example Quick Guide4

2. Saving your Diagram (‘Save’ Button)

Click ‘Save’ on the generator, and you will be able to copy and paste the coding for your diagram for storage (when inputting the saved code, use the JSON option)

3. Formatting and Customising your Sankey Diagram

You can format in two main ways

(1) Hovering and/or clicking directly on the diagram

  • Click and drag the source/targets to adjust their position
  • Left click on  flows to adjust
    • colour
    • size
    • source/target

(2) Settings Button

Here, you can adjust

  • Decimal places of numbers displayed
  • Transparency of the ‘flows’

4. Improvement Suggestions

We want to make this generator as user-friendly as possible so we welcome any suggestions for improvement. Please leave them in the comments section below.

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