Regional Learning Event:

Maximising value from mining services contracts

Next session: 9 March 2017

The Introduction to maximising value from mining services contracts short course is designed as a practical guide to improving the performance and resolving issues in your major services arrangements.

Short Course Introduction to maximising value from mining services contracts
This course is right for you if: You are a direct report to a General Manager and/or manage a large contract for your organisation. (Note: General Managers are also most welcome)

You manage mining services arrangements such as contract mining contracts, drill & blast contracts, pre-strip contracts, development contracts, bulk earth moving contracts, camp accommodation contracts, or major overhaul contracts (as an example).

And you are experiencing any of these issues:
  • Increasing cost of services and budget pressure
  • Under-performing suppliers
  • Stagnating productivity in your operations
  • Staff who may struggle to identify what ‘good’ looks like in a supply arrangement and/ or do anything about resolving one that’s under-performing
  • Incentive models that drive the wrong behaviour between your staff and your suppliers
  • Safety incidents with suppliers
  • Suppliers unmotivated to do a good job
  • Inability to monitor and manage supplier performance
Why operations people should attend: Although many mining organisations have procurement or supply departments, operations teams are required to make key decisions about major services contracts that have significant operational and commercial impacts to the business.

These teams are often provided with limited commercial training as they progress into management positions, even though they are expected to take ownership of larger and more critical contracts within the mining operation.

This results in large mining services contracts that can be considered under-performing and few people realise or can diagnose the problem.  Under-performance often includes a combination of: increased cost, poor productivity, stakeholder conflict, and additional supplier safety concerns.

What attendees will get from this session:


The session is designed to develop participant’s commercial acumen through practical examples. Topics include:

  • Commercial Models – The types of commercial models available and when they should be used
  • Safety & Incentives – What you need to know and avoid when thinking about Safety & Incentives in services contracts
  • Negotiation – The difference between negotiation tactics and strategies, and when to apply them
  • Supplier Relationships – How to identify the type of relationship you have with your suppliers and how to make sure you’re maximising value from the arrangement
  • Cost Management – The tools you can use to assist in managing and optimising costs within your major services contracts
Session Facilitator The session will be facilitated by Simon Thompson who has 10+ years working with mining services contracts covering contract mining services, earth moving services, drill & blast contracts, FIFO Charters, major overhaul services, camp management, and many more relating to mining (Coal and hard rock) as well as Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and Manufacturing.  Simon has consulted to businesses including BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Vale, QGC, Santos, Origin, Queensland Rail, Virgin Australia, and many more.

Simon has also recently completed an intensive executive negotiation course at Harvard University.

Value for Money The information provided in this session will empower attendees to identify inefficiencies and problems in their mining services contracts that can be fixed immediately and those that require a more strategic response.

We’ve found that a little bit of knowledge goes a long way and similar sessions have helped those attending better manage their adhoc spend with their contractors, with some participants saving tens of thousands within the first two months to others saving over $500,000 by being better prepared when they re-tender or vary their contracts.

Duration: 4 hours
Capacity: 15 people
Cost: The cost of this session is $599 (or a 10x Return on Investment within 2-3 months)

Early bird special:                

The first 10 spaces, the cost is $149 (75% discount)

The next event will be held on:

Thursday 9th March 2017 from 1 – 5 pm
Moranbah Community Workers Club

49-55 Mills Avenue, Moranbah QLD 4744

If you’re interested in this session being scheduled in your area or have specific learning objectives that you’d like covered, please contact Simon Thompson at