The Procurement Flextangle

Procurement Flextangle

What is the Procurement Flextangle?

The Procurement Flextangle is the combination of a children’s paper toy (the flextangle) and the procurement levers used by many procurement consultants around the world.

Why did we create the Procurement Flextangle?

At Acquire, we often see companies using a very small number of procurement levers (commonly, “Volume Aggregation” and “Best Price Evaluation”) to reduce their costs. However, there are at least 16 other levers that they can use and not using them often means leaving “money on the table”.

We have been looking for different ways to get people thinking more about the way they procure and when we saw a Flextangle we thought, great, this would be cool!

Our hope is that procurement departments around the world have one of these Procurement Flextangles on their desk so that when playing with them it makes them think about each lever. Our other hope is that it is a way to engage, and possible educate, others in the business about the different procurement levers.

Step 1: Download & Print PDF

If you would like to make your own Procurement Flextangle, just download the PDF below and print it out. Printing it out in colour works the best but black and white is also useful.
Procurement Flextangle Acquire - image

Step 2: Build the Procurement Flextangle

The video below aims to provide a step by step visual guide to creating the Procurement Flextangle.

Step 3: Understand each item

If you wish to know what each item means, go to

Step 4: Love it? Share it!

Did you love it? If so, please share it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, email, anywhere and just copy & paste the web address. If you love hashtags, please use #ProcurementFlextangle.

Really love it and want to work together?

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