Procurement Consultants Landscape Australia

How to hire a Procurement Consultant (Australia)

Updated: July, 2019

An up-to-date guide on how to select the right procurement consultant to help you make the most of your procurement opportunities. In this article we explore the nature of the service itself and the costs and methods of engaging a procurement consultant.

If you are looking for someone to help your respond to a Tender / RFP you’re looking for a “Bid Writer”, not a procurement consultant.

Finding and selecting someone to help you with your procurement challenge is not simple. The procurement consultant market in Australia is crammed with many organisations offering procurement services that range from “1 man band” consultants through to the large multinational generalist and strategic consulting firms looking to complement their existing offerings.

This guide is designed to help you find the right procurement consultancy for your organisation.

Over the decades our team has been working in the industry, we have either worked with, beside or within many of these organisations. A big part of procurement is finding the right fit for the task at hand. The reality is that, while we would love Acquire Procurement Services to help you with all of your procurement needs, some other procurement consultants may fit your exact needs better.