Lunch and Learn – 3 April: Strategic Negotiation – An Intro. to Game Theory

We all know that poor negotiation skills equals poor commercial outcomes. While we often do everything we can to deliver the best result for our business, we often fall short of the optimal result, as we rarely stop to think understand what the other party is thinking.

To assist our clients to start negotiating better commercial outcomes, the team at Acquire have developed a short session aimed to empower attendees to better prepare for the major commercial negotiations that they are responsible for.

In this session, you will learn the key principles of negotiation theory, including game theory, that you can then apply to your next negotiation. In addition, you will learn a few little tricks using some simple maths to really understand how far your counterpart is able to move and what they are most likely to do.

We’ve found that a little bit of knowledge goes a long way and similar sessions have helped those attending better prepare for negotiations with their suppliers and partners.

The lunch and learn event is called: Strategic Negotiation – An Introduction to Game Theory, and the first session will be held in Brisbane on 3rd April 2017.


For more information and registration details, please visit the event page or contact Simon Thompson at