Lunch and Learn – 15 March: Introduction to visualising spend and contract data

It’s become increasingly important to have the skills to analyse and visualise data to aid in business discussions. We know that the relationship needs to change between Procurement, IT, Finance, and Operations teams in the way they interact with each other to discuss the value and cost drivers of the business.

Unfortunately, when most professionals are asked to analyse and visualise spend or contract data, we gravitate towards pie charts, pivot tables, pivot charts, spend hierarchies, column graphs … the usual. The team at Acquire noticed some inadequacies in what these visualisations provided, and have found some other great ways to visualise data outside of the typical finance and procurement realm. Some of which include: Sankey Diagrams, Isometric Drawings, and Sunburst Graphs.

The session is designed to empower attendees to begin developing engaging visualisations of spend and contract data to aid discussions with their stakeholders.

The lunch and learn event is called: Introduction to visualising spend and contract data, and the first session will be held in Brisbane on 15th March 2017.

For more information and registration details, please visit the event page or contact Simon Thompson at