Event 9 March: Maximising value from mining services contracts

Our clients often raise the same issues in regards to their major services arrangements.

Whether it be:

  • Increasing cost of services and budget pressure
  • Under-performing suppliers
  • Stagnating productivity in the mining operation
  • Staff who struggle to identify what ‘good’ looks like in a supply arrangement and/ or do anything about resolving one that’s under-performing
  • Incentive models that drive the wrong behaviour between staff and suppliers
  • Safety incidents with suppliers
  • Suppliers unmotivated to do a good job
  • Inability to monitor and manage supplier performance

Several of these issues stem due to operations teams not having the commercial acumen specific to the major services contracts that they manage due to having more of an engineering background, and not getting the support they require from their typically major city based head offices.

To support our clients, the team at Acquire are going on a road trip through central QLD to share our knowledge and help resolve these issues.

The new learning event is called: Introduction to maximising value from mining services contracts, and the first session will be held in Moranbah in March.

For more information and registration details, please visit the event page or contact Simon Thompson at sthompson@acquireprocure.com.