3 Reasons Why Procurement Professionals should use Sankey Diagrams

When procurement professionals get a bunch of spend data to analyse and need to go a step further we gravitate towards pie charts, pivot tables, pivot charts, spend hierarchies, column graphs … the usual. These tools, while common, are certainly useful in their own right but I will explain in this article how a Sankey diagram can achieve most objectives of these forms of data and even more. Read more

Where does $2.8B in Qld Gov. Contracts Go?

Note: This visualisation is best viewed on large screen.

Under the Queensland Government’s open data policy, all contracts awarded over $10,000 are made available to the public. Below is an interactive chart that illustrates the relationship between government departments, agencies and their suppliers. It is also possible to filter the data based on how the contract was tendered (i.e. the procurement method). Read more