Travelling to the Source of the World’s Top Negotiators

Acquire at the Harvard Negotiation and Leadership Program

The Harvard Negotiation and Leadership Program

The team at Acquire Procurement Services attended the Harvard Law School Negotiation and Leadership Program in Boston, Massachusetts last month. Run by a consortium based in Harvard University, the programme was designed to accelerate participant’s negotiation and leadership capabilities. It examined core decision-making challenges, analysed complex negotiation scenarios, and provided a range of competitive and cooperative negotiation strategies to be used in both private and public negotiation environments. Read more

Clients saved $46k every day they engaged an Acquire consultant in FY16

Brisbane, Australia – Wednesday 13th July. Today, Acquire Procurement Services announced their annual results for FY16. In the company’s first full financial year of operation, the company’s results speak for themselves.

In their results, Acquire tallied up the millions of dollars they saved their clients during the year and divided it by the total number of days their staff worked to achieve those savings. The result was that for every day a consultant from Acquire assisted one of their clients, that client was $46,000 better off.

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3 Qld procurement innovations set to disrupt business

On the 19 May, the team at Acquire attended the CIPS Innovation in Procurement QLD regional event.

Acquire heard from Blue Chilli, a start up accelerator and tech start ups in the procurement innovation space being Unscrabble, Plant Dispatch (to be renamed to 3 Way Match) and Lawcadia.

The beginnings of all three start-ups was the recognition of issues faced by procurement in the business and recognition of a gap in the market to resolve such issues.

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