Augmented Reality in Procurement, a new way to visualise data

Bringing Augmented Reality into the world of Procurement

Bringing Augmented Reality into the world of Procurement

Why, in 2016, are we still using paper documents and PowerPoint presentations when discussing products and services and their associated costs?

This is the question that I proposed to the team last week.

At Acquire, we have a favourite quote being “The future is out there, it just not evenly distributed” and with that in mind, we took on a challenge to see how we could use new technology to visualise and interact with contract and spend data. Read more

Acquire’s Visit to MINExpo 2016 – Our Favourite Innovations

Acquire Procurement Services attended the global MINExpo 2016 (Sep 26-28), held once every four years in Las Vegas. The MINExpo featured 1,900 exhibitors from around the world showcasing cutting edge mining products and services and attracted over 44,000 attendees from 130 countries. The MINExpo also featured education sessions from world-leading experts on topics ranging from the commodity market outlook to best practice in various mining practices.

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3 Reasons Why Procurement Professionals should use Sankey Diagrams

When procurement professionals get a bunch of spend data to analyse and need to go a step further we gravitate towards pie charts, pivot tables, pivot charts, spend hierarchies, column graphs … the usual. These tools, while common, are certainly useful in their own right but I will explain in this article how a Sankey diagram can achieve most objectives of these forms of data and even more. Read more

3 Qld procurement innovations set to disrupt business

On the 19 May, the team at Acquire attended the CIPS Innovation in Procurement QLD regional event.

Acquire heard from Blue Chilli, a start up accelerator and tech start ups in the procurement innovation space being Unscrabble, Plant Dispatch (to be renamed to 3 Way Match) and Lawcadia.

The beginnings of all three start-ups was the recognition of issues faced by procurement in the business and recognition of a gap in the market to resolve such issues.

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