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Trying to save money? Doing more with less will save more than asking suppliers for lower rates. But, you will have to look into the mirror.

As Covid-19 is sweeping across the world and impacting the economics of most businesses, there is a hunt for cash. The basic mantra for organisations since the GFC has been to ask the suppliers for rate reductions in return for keeping their work. While looking externally might yield 5% or even 10% savings, more money is […]

Covid-19 Essential Supplies

There are some great examples of suppliers in your local area who have retooled or pivoted to support those fighting the war on the corona virus (COVID-19). This objective of this list to help those organisations listed to get exposure to those needing these services (specifically procurement teams in organisations around Australia and the globe). […]

Research: 99% Of Tender Decisions Could Be Challenged Based On Pricing

Every year, organisations around the globe award more than $25 trillion in supply contracts, most via a tender process.  For decades, the tendering process has been considered the global standard for mitigating corruption and collusion. It is designed to protect taxpayers and shareholders by ensuring the best value outcome and the most appropriate supplier is […]