Unscrabble Co-founders Steve Mardon and Sujata Karandikar at the QLD CIPS Event.

3 Qld procurement innovations set to disrupt business

On the 19 May, the team at Acquire attended the CIPS Innovation in Procurement QLD regional event.

Acquire heard from Blue Chilli, a start up accelerator and tech start ups in the procurement innovation space being Unscrabble, Plant Dispatch (to be renamed to 3 Way Match) and Lawcadia.

The beginnings of all three start-ups was the recognition of issues faced by procurement in the business and recognition of a gap in the market to resolve such issues.

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World Bank report a concern for many supply contracts

These days, supply contracts include price escalation mechanisms to better manage risk between the supplier and the business.   Just the name of these mechanisms indicates that they are often geared to only increase. This hasn’t been a problem in a booming economy but as the latest Commodity Markets Outlook report by the World Bank illustrates, prices are likely to come off instead of increase. This is bad news for poorly constructed supply contracts. Read more

Data Visualisation of relationships between Qld Government Agencies and Top Suppliers

Where does $2.8B in Qld Gov. Contracts Go?

Note: This visualisation is best viewed on large screen.

Under the Queensland Government’s open data policy, all contracts awarded over $10,000 are made available to the public. Below is an interactive chart that illustrates the relationship between government departments, agencies and their suppliers. It is also possible to filter the data based on how the contract was tendered (i.e. the procurement method). Read more

3 procurement savings approaches that may get you fired

Calculating procurement savings is a critical deliverable for almost all procurement professionals. Furthermore, procurement savings are often made visible to organisational executives and even board members. Therefore, getting them right can be the difference between being praised and being marginalised.

To help all procurement professionals, their managers, and their organisations, we have included three approaches to calculate procurement savings that are best to be avoided for formal procurement reporting.

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